Ashton delivers dynamic keynotes and transformational seminars for youth and adult men through churches, businesses, colleges, and youth organizations nationwide. Real, raw, and relevant, Ashton tells the plain truth and confronts the issues that keep men bound in “boy” behavior. Ashton’s passion is to bring change in the world by developing responsible, self-controlled, and confident men, free from hidden vices and society’s media-driven definition of manhood. Tough but tender, Ashton walks in kingdom influence and will get you kingdom results.


1. Becoming the man you were pre-destined to be – We all have gifts and our gift will make room for us once we unlock our potential.

2. What men still don’t know – Men fight against themselves daily and don’t understand the masculine process.

3. If I can get to her I can get to him – Finding the origin of the sin nature.

4. Relationship 101 -The male/female relationship is becoming ancient history. Our culture says it’s all about me, me, and me. You can repair your relationship if you choose to participate in the rescue mission.

5. Plan your race and then race your plan – Based in 1 Corinthians, discipline and prioritization are master keys to a successful life.

6. What women still don’t know about men – Do women really understand the masculine process or the hazards of being male?