In a word: ‘COURAGE. Playing no favorites to race, culture,social economics, or education… Ashton exposes the naked truth.’

CARL SATTERWHITE, JR. CEO, RCF Group. www.r-c-f.com

   If I didn’t and I must say it again, the Lord used you in mighty way! Thank you for the life changing message. Glory to His Name!


Ashton Wilson is truly one of a kind! Not only is he a man of God, he has a calling to impact and empower the masses through his messages that are real, raw, relevant, and inspirational. He is a man of both word and deed. Most importantly, his humility and honesty shines through like none other. Ashton knows that his character sets the course for his platform and presentation. I expect greater things to come through this awesome young man, who is not only a dear friend but a true brother. I am so proud of him.

Dr. James Mable Jr.
Youth Pastor
Antioch Baptist Church, Beaumont, TX

James Mable Jr., Ph.D.

Ashton Wilson is an outstanding young man that I have known just over one year. He has his heart in the right place serving others and walking the way of righteousness. He believes in service to man kind and everyone that comes into contact with him gets changed for the better. It is an honor for me to express my gratitude for him in the many examples that I have witness him expressing in the Boy Scouts. I know he doesn’t limit his serving just to the Boy Scouts and there are many others like me that know him and respect him as he walks through life. Thanks Ashton for being you.

Greg Battle
President CEO
Lean Continuous Improvements llc
Cincinnati Ohio

I’ve known Ashton Wilson for years. He’s been a coach and mentor to our son, he’s been a fine employee in our business, and he’s been a inspiration in the way he’s selflessly inspired many young men to follow his spiritual and motivational lead. Everyone that knows Ashton and the community have benefited from their association with him.

Garrett Levy
UnionCenterLakotaWest, LLC.
Cincinnati, OHIO