How to embrace change?

One thing that you can’t change is change. Your life is a journey full of change. Think about your story! When you were a baby you cried, laughed and crawled. When you turned 6 you could walk, talk and eat on your own. In middle school you had acne and dreamed about the boy or girl next door. In college you may have partied or focused strictly on school. Life changes you whether you want it to or not. Some try to avoid change, but it’s inevitable. You have to embrace change by putting more energy into focusing on your purpose. When you don’t know your purpose, abnormal use is inevitable. When you don’t have any direction you start to fear change and life. Fear keeps you from avoiding change instead of embracing it. When a person knows their purpose, they will see much fruit in their life.

Preparing for change is one way to embrace it. You can prepare mentally, physically or spiritually. One example could be preparing for a baby. You can read books on how to be a better father, you can save money, and you can pray for your seed and future generations. What happens if change creeps up on you and you couldn’t prepare? One example would be someone getting diagnosed with cancer. During my journey the way I have gotten through abrupt change is my faith in Jesus Christ. When you truly believe in His promises he gives you a supernatural will to survive and trust. I have seen this in my own life. He keeps you from going crazy and falling into deep depression. The doctors didn’t have answers for me. They only could give their philosophy. I am standing here today whole and thankful. God can give you purpose and the ability to embrace change. Trust in Jesus and He will make a way.

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