America the Great

Isaiah 1: 21-23

21 How the faithful city has become a harlot,
She who was full of justice!
Righteousness once lodged in her,
But now murderers.
22Your silver has become dross,
Your drink diluted with water.
23 Your rulers are rebels
And companions of thieves;
Everyone loves a bribe
And chases after rewards.
They do not defend the orphan,
Nor does the widow’s plea come before them.

As a nation we will eat the fruit of our actions. Our path is not straight because every administration changes what they feel is the best for our country. Any country divided will not stand. We plunder the poor, forget about the orphans and widows. Our systems are corrupt because of people. I feel as though Isaiah 1: 21-23 is describing our nation (The Great America). We will never be a great nation until we admit what our hearts are really like before God and to each other. To many leaders private life, doesn’t match their public speech. We need His forgiveness and wisdom and strength. Our nation’s change can’t be driven by money, but by what is right. We all want things to change, but there are not many people sharing what that change would look like. The hippies in the 70’S wanted change. They wanted weed, they wanted sex without boundaries, they wanted to live in so called freedom, but they didn’t have a solution/plan for what that change would look like and their kids suffered for the lack of vision and wisdom. We can’t become a nation of onlookers. We can’t be silent. If we want change, it starts by looking in the mirror. Are we really that great?

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